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School Contract Work

MarilynTheChef provides middle schools and high schools with a curriculum based on food science, botany, culinary training and food politics. She gives an in depth and interactive cooking course for the youth to actively engage with the food they are consuming. 85% of the students who attend our course pass a nutrition test, create a food justice initiative and gain long term cooking skills.

Corporate Wellness Contract

Employees with poor eating habits cost $500 more than the average employee. Employees with poor eating habits and who are unaware of the cause cost $1,400 - $3,300 more than the average employee. We improve the health and well-being of employees, reducing and at times eliminating personal problems affecting employee health and work productivity.


Divine Appetite Corporate Food Advocacy Training engages the 68% of the workforce who are hesitant to invest in their wellness and/or live in communities that lack access to fresh quality food. Our methods do not just impact physical health but also mental health. 


We eliminate the stress of understanding access to healthy food, how to store it and create quick healthy meals. This training ignites safe goal setting and asset maps of their community. Our training has an 85% rate of ending stressful diet fads and allows employees to start instantly. We create advocacy teams as well which creates workmanship and a better understanding of colleagues needs. 


Some of our past clients have been HSBC, Lift Communities, Girl Scouts Executive team, Banana Kelly Community Improvement and Local Legislators Offices.

KeyNote Speaker

Marilyn is available to speak at conferences and events regarding personal wellness, youth public health,  food apartheid, positive aging, orgasmic birth and mental health. She brings to life the importance of food consumption, public health, social injustice, and community activism.  

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