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I am a community leader, chef, and mother

Marilyn Moore is a practicing chef of over 15 years, and has dedicated her work to dismantling the food injustice happening within the five boroughs of NYC. In 2015, she initiated Divine Appetite as an educational platform to teach the community about food health, mental wellness, and herbal benefits. Divine Appetite has partnered with legislators, middle schools, and high schools to set curriculums that focus on youth entrepreneurship, civic engagement, and food initiatives. Marilyn also provides workshops through the Department of Education (DOE) and Zoom sessions for community members who acknowledge and demand their rights for access to resources.  


Having grown up in the Bronx herself, Marilyn brings a personal outlook on overcoming trauma from inner-city living caused by systemic inequity and gentrification. She believes in the power of community. That is why Marilyn devotes herself in empowering women to achieve their best potential of physical and mental wellness; educating the youth about the benefits of eating healthy; and fundraising for change in the systemic disparities of residential and academic resources.



At Divine Appetite, we believe that wellness starts from the inside-out, and food is fundamentally part of that process. Through the advocacy of food health and mental wellness, we aim to empower our community and educate our families on how to integrate holistic consumption into their homes.



To educate our community on the mechanization of food processing and the systemic injustices involved in food insecurities


To use empathy as a transformational tool to redefine the unjust relationship our youth has towards food


To provide alternative and sustainable solutions that focus on improving personal health long-term

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